How to Beat Candy Crush Level 97

Follow these tips How to Beat Candy Crush Level 97 and soon you will be crushing candies like a pro. These booms can be tough but if you can master the art of planning ahead, then you will not have any issues crushing level 97.

candy crush level 97These bombs can be a complete pain but as soon as they drop in, start trying to get the bombs taken out. If you try to ignore the bombs, you can lose this level. The best way to do this is to try to have your combos take out the bombs. So you are risking creating combos instead of bomb hunting, but if you can make combos then set off the combos then you are effectively taking out bombs.

Focusing on making combos can be risky, but also keep in mind that you have target goal that you need to hit. This level can be tough to hit this goal so making combos is absolutely necessary. While making these combos, if you are not paying attention to the bombs then you will get caught up and lose.

Level 97 of candy crush is tough, really hard to beat. But if you focus on making the combos and get the bombs taken out as they appear then you should fly right through this level. Again, if you are having problems planning ahead and getting good combos, then you will have issues with later levels. However, if you are still having issues with this, then I have no idea how you have gotten to level 97!

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Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 97

Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 97

Candy Crush Level 97 can be tough, but follow these strategies and tricks and you will beat Candy Crush Level 97. Never take your eye off the bombs! These bombs can sneak up on your fast, and if you are not paying attention they can end the game quickly. If you have the opportunity to take […]

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Candy Crush Level 97

candy crush level 97

Candy Crush Level 97 is a pretty difficult level. This is where you start having to work with the bombs. When those go off, then the level is over. So be sure to focus on getting the bombs knocked out first. Then it is just a matter of trying to get a high score using […]

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